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'As a nanny with 21 years experience I can honestly say that Messy Books has been on of my favourites. I love the different sensory experiences set out each week. We have signed up to next term.'

It's by FAR my favourite class. It's given us lots of ideas to try out at home and I like to think that we've encouraged her to be a more adventurous reader and explorer. I have also loved the small group size, which meant that we got to know the other parents and babies more. So much so that I have just signed up for the next course!.

'It's my favourite time of the week.'

'I love the classes because you are just a normal mum and you get it!'

'I like how everything links back to the book. I am always recommending this class to everybody!'

'I chose this class as I was bored of the other classes. I have not been disappointed.'

'A fantastic class celebrating the world of books!'

'It's unique and fun!'

'Watching the engagement and enjoyment of my baby has inspired me to embrace the mess and read more often together.'

'I have OCD and forced along by a group of friends. By the end of the 6 weeks I felt sad it was all over. I just wish I wasn't going back to work!'

'I have been a nanny for 4 years and I have never seen anything like this: it's brilliant!'

'Wendy makes the stories really engaging with sounds and actions. It has changed the way that I read to my son.' 

'We've enjoyed the classes and think that they show that you have really planned them with love and care.'

'Thank you Wendy for being such an inspiring star, we have really enjoyed your classes.'

'My husband loves the book we made, thank you, it is hanging in my son's room.'