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My baby has an allergy, is that ok?

Please get in touch to discuss the specific allergy.

Do you take drop-ins?

Generally no as the classes sell out. However, if you get in touch on the day/night before there may be space to join. All payments must be given in advance to confirm a place.

Do you offer trial classes?

No. However, Messy Books has one-off events throughout the year and that is a great way to experience the classes before booking a course.

What do I need to bring along to the classes?

You will need to remember to pack a few extra bits for your bags:
   - Small Towel
   - Wipes
   - Change of clothes for your child

Do you offer refunds?

No. However, as a one-off during the course a friend is very welcome to take your place or you are welcome to join another class subject to availability.

Does the paint stain?

Some products may stain so you are advised to wear dark clothes and/or clothes you do not mind getting messy!

Do you offer aprons  or overalls?

No. It s important for the sensory experience that the babies are not restricted. It is also important that adults embrace the mess to lead by example and encourage the little ones.

How do we clean the babies?

I provide a warm bubble bath at the end of every class. It is seriously cute!

Is this class suitable for twins?

Yes. I have twins that attend the classes.

Can I bring my partner/mum/dad along?

Absolutely, the more the merrier...just let me know so I can ensure the numbers do not get too high.

Can I bring my older sibling along?

Yes. However, they will have to sit at the side as I can not provide access to the activity stations beyond the class age limit. Sorry.

Can I bring my younger sibling?

Yes. Babies in arms do not have to pay but if a child is participating then payment needs to be made.

Do you provide entertainment for birthday parties?

Yes. Please get in touch for a bespoke package.