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Reading with children

As a teacher, the most frequently asked question I received was at Parents' Evening: How do I get my child to read?

- Provide an opportunity

- Provide a choice

- Provide freedom

- Provide time

- Provide a model

The five key principals for Messy Books.

Why messy play?

Why not is Messy Books response!

It is proven that messy play provides children with:

- the opportunity to explore without boundaries.

- the confidence to become independent adventurers in the world

- ability to trust their instincts.

- the freedom to play and interact with a wide variety of sensory materials.

- the chance to have loads of fun!

Messy Books'  babies and toddlers should come away from each class smiling, ready for a nap (!) and eager to come back next week!

Messy Books will be engaged in activities specifically designed to help develop skills in the following areas of the EYFL:

1) Communication and Language

    - reading and listening

2) Physical development

    - exploration of the room and activity stations

3) Personal, Social and Emotional

    - develop self-confidence whilst exploring new activities

     - learning to play with peers

4) Expressive Arts and Design

    - imaginative play

    - free play

    - creation of book

    - exploring materials

The Messy Books Philosophy            Links to Early Years Curriculum